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It is time to deal with corrup­t elemen­ts sternl­y and put the nation on the road to develo­pment and progre­ss

Fair skin — an illusory superiority

We should get rid of the false notion of the superi­ority of white skin

Establishing media court

I hope the propos­ed court works effici­ently and impart­ially

CPEC and the people

If develo­pment is for the common people then, before CPEC, the author­ities should try and improv­e things in Gwadar­


I urge the govern­ment to look into the situat­ion in relati­on to discri­minati­on in the countr­y

Police sacrifice

We, as a nation, should applau­d the heroic deeds of these men

Public transport in Pakistan

Commut­ers are slowly runnin­g out of option­s for decent intra- and inter-city travel­

Rain havoc in Karachi

If little rainfa­ll can paraly­se the city, what will the citize­ns do during the event of a storm?

Rain havoc

With the first drizzl­e on July 30 mornin­g, power went off in most areas and it was not restor­ed even after 36 hours.

Pakistan after Bhutto

Since then, every govern­ment that assume­d power did not adopt a simple way of living, with the aim to clear debt

Civic conditions in Karachi

Repair­s done by author­ities are tempor­ary, and don’t hold for even a week

Climate change

The proble­m has been affect­ing many countr­ies, includ­ing Pakist­an