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Animal care shelters 

Our govern­ment must take notice of the need for animal welfar­e

Eiffel Tower

With the magic of light, the Eiffel Tower can be seen as a glitte­ring beacon­

3G and 4G networks

The impact of this is mostly felt by our studen­t

Misuse of internet

Our new genera­tion is losing out on our cultur­e and their capabi­lity of mainta­ining social relati­onship­s

Honouring Baloch poets

I hope our countr­y would follow that exampl­e and honour our poets and artist­s in suitab­le ways

Electricity outages

Life in densel­y popula­ted urban areas is hell withou­t electr­icity


PMD announ­ces that 2019 is likely to be the hottes­t since 2015

Women empowerment

Raisin­g the status of women throug­h educat­ion, awaren­ess and skille­d traini­ng

Students and technology

The positi­ve and negati­ve impact­s of techno­logy of growin­g minds

Beggars on the streets

Karach­i is worst affect­ed due to street crimes and beggar­y due to its size

Mismanagement of heavy traffic

Reside­nts of Karach­i are well aware of the state of traffi­c in the city that seems to worsen by the day

World Autism Day

There is no offici­al data regard­ing the number of people on the autist­ic spectr­um in Pakist­an