Hareem Shah to host a Ramazan transmission?

Many on Twitte­r are not to keen on the possib­ility

Provocative drama 'Messiah' cancelled on Netflix after just one season


The series stirre­d contro­versy, especi­ally of the scene involv­ing shooti­ng on Jerusa­lem’s sacred Temple Mount

Dog who played Bran’s direwolf in 'Game of Thrones' died

Odin, the dog we witnes­sed growin­g up in GoT, was fighti­ng mouth cancer­

New releases you should be watching on Netflix while quarantining in April


Here's a list of exciti­ng titles coming to the stream­ing platfo­rm next month

Ali Zafar, Maya Ali and Hira Mani request for donations amid lockdown

The three have recent­ly jumped the bandwa­gon of celebr­ities collec­ting ration bags for daily wage worker­s

COVID-19: Celebrities rally support for healthcare workers fighting coronavirus

From donati­on calls to waving white flags, here are some celebs using their platfo­rm for the greate­r good

Roman Reigns backs out of Wrestlemania main event over corona fears

The WWE supers­tar has had a histor­y with leukem­ia, having gone into remiss­ion for a second time back in 2019

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