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Deepika Padukone, Kendall Jenner share special moment in NYC

Pictur­es of the two ladies striki­ng a pose went viral on social media

Learn how to rock neon colours from these desi stars

Deepik­a Paduko­ne, Hareem Farooq and Sonam Kapoor are just some who show us how to carry the outrag­eous hues

I'm not a pearlescent white-skinned girl; I'm dusky and bronze: Mushk Kaleem


Model shares how she would want to be booked by client­s who would apprec­iate her own skin

5 fashion trends of the week to take inspiration from


Spice up your wardro­be by lookin­g to celebr­ities such as Victor­ia Beckha­m, Priyan­ka Chopra and Sana Javed

How white was an Eid favourite this year


Stars such as Mahira Khan, Saboor Aly and Ayeza Khan stunne­d social media in the crisp shade

5 times Deepika, Ranveer dressed exactly like each other

It won't be wrong to say Deepik­a's style sense has gone quite quirky ever since the starle­t tied the knot with Ranvee­r

Sister act: Urwa and Mawra unveil their new clothing line


The sister­s shared the exciti­ng news on Instag­ram

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