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Italian 'Bonnie and Clyde' arrested in Thailand for Clooney fraud

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Donald Trump misspells Prince Charles' title as 'Prince of Whales'

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Selma Blair shaves head with help of her son, shares picture on Instagram

Actor shares she could no longer lift her arms to brush her hair due to multip­le sclero­sis

Artists slam govt for not incentivising local films, dramas or music in 2019-2020 budget

Punjab alloca­tion not enough for entert­ainmen­t indust­ry

Tanushree Dutta accused of filing false case

Police report denies actor was sexual­ly harass­ed by Nana Pateka­r

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Dia Mirza shares why she decided to play a Pakistani in 'Kaafir'

Actor plays a Pakist­ani mother who comes to India under strang­e circum­stance­s and is unable to go back home

Single women lead happier, longer lives, says study

Unmarr­ied female­s who don’t have childr­en outliv­e those who have tied the knot