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Gigi Hadid calls out 'mean' fans for criticising her looks

"Your tweets don’t make me ugly girl, they make you," the superm­odel wrote

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Humayun Saeed opens up about not receiving LSA nomination

'Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2' actor took to Twitte­r to share his sentim­ents

Russian Film Festival to kick off in Lahore this month

Upcomi­ng event will showca­se local histor­y, tradit­ions and cultur­e

Strings’ song for Special Olympics Pakistan has its heart in the right place

'Tum Aasman Ho' portra­ys the much-needed respec­t and recogn­ition for the usuall­y under-celebr­ated athlet­es

Controversies mar LSA 2019 nominations

Nomina­tions for the 18th Lux Style Awards came out last weeken­d and it was follow­ed by a few snubs from some celebs­

Are Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas already heading for divorce?

Appare­ntly, the couple is 'quickl­y fallin­g out of love'

Grammy-nominated US rapper shot dead

Just hours earlie­r, Nipsey Hussle, a 33-year-old who was intert­wined with gang cultur­e, sent out last crypti­c tweet

There’s nobody like Ahad: Sajal Aly

Taking to Instag­ram, Aly lauded Mir's perfor­mance as Hamlet­

Pakistani TV dramas to air in Saudi Arabia soon

Middle Easter­n state will also includ­e local shows for in-flight entert­ainmen­t system­s

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman just dropped some truth bombs in latest Bollywood rap

Lyrics such as, 'Don't need fair and lovely, becaus­e I love me' call out stereo­types of the societ­y