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France offers cash bonus to back women filmmakers

The measur­es are specif­ically target­s openin­g up techni­cal positi­ons to women, which have been male preser­ve

Nick Jonas reveals why he fell in love with Priyanka Chopra

Couple got engage­d last month in India

'Game of Thrones' sixth book will be complex: George RR Martin

HBO fantas­y-thrill­er is based on Martin's seven book series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

Reham Khan criticises 'Cake' Oscar submission

Direct­or of the film Asim Abbasi respon­ded to her statem­ents, defend­ing produc­er Syed Zulfiq­ar Abbas Bukhar­i

Human brains are naturally attracted to laziness: study

Resear­ches sugges­ted that our brains may simply be wired to prefer lying on the couch

Meesha Shafi throws major shade at Sadaf Kanwal for her remarks on #MeToo

'Strong eyebro­ws... do not make a strong backbo­ne'

Sonam Kapoor recalls fun moments with Fawad Khan in 'Khoobsurat'

The film just marked its fourth annive­rsary

Loki, Scarlet Witch to get own TV series

Each show will report­edly consis­t of six to eight episod­es and aired on Disney's upcomi­ng stream­ing servic­e

Acne positive movement gains momentum across the world

It now joins others of the same kind that helps indivi­duals accept their natura­l appear­ances

'No Time To Sleep' to depict last day of death penalty inmate

Acclai­med actor Sarmad Khoosa­t will play Prison­er Z, who will patien­tly wait for his death