Education crisis in Balochistan

Letter April 17, 2024
Education crisis in Balochistan


Balochistan has long grappled with infrastructure challenges, particularly in education. Thousands of students are denied their right to education due to prolonged and complicated administrative negligence. Official figures show that around 0.8 million children are out of school, with nearly 2,000 schools lacking proper buildings. The 2022 floods worsened matters, destroying over 5,500 schools, of which only 50 have been repaired. Now, a teacher shortage looms large, with half of primary schools having only one teacher and 300 teachers retiring monthly, thus exacerbating the problem.

The caretaker government plans to enhance 150 primary schools, but success hinges on tackling mismanagement and corruption. Nepotism concerns persist, leading to the appointment of underqualified teachers, further hampering education quality.

On the other hand, outdated curriculum and lack of modern teaching equipment compound the issue. Moreover, basic amenities like electricity, water and toilets are lacking in many schools, despite the majority of the education budget being allocated to salaries. A comprehensive approach is needed, focusing on effective recruitment, infrastructural improvements and curriculum modernisation to ensure a brighter educational future for Balochistan.

Hammal Naseer


Published in The Express Tribune, April 17th, 2024.

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