Letter December 04, 2022


With increased access to digital technologies and the internet, cyberbullying has become a major problem around the world. It usually takes place on social media and gaming platforms. Cyberbullying can include spreading lies, posting embarrassing images or videos of someone, sending abusive or threatening messages, etc. The main purpose of cyberbullying is to scare, harass, and humiliate the target.

Globally, many governments are adopting strict measures to control cyberbullying and punish individuals involved in cyberbullying. Unfortunately, Pakistani authorities have paid little attention to controlling cyberbullying because of which many young teenagers and women are targeted with different forms of bullying on social media platforms. Often targets are forced to give money to the bullies to get rid of them. However, the victims continue to live in a constant state of panic and distress.

Victims of cyberbullying may suffer from trauma, anxiety, and depression especially because they cannot share their agony with others around them or act against the perpetrators. Although the Federal Investigation Agency has a cybercrime wing to investigate crimes along with a helpline for reporting cybercrimes, most people are too scared to report them. Perhaps the relevant departments should tighten guidelines on the type of content shared on social media to discourage individuals from harassing or bullying people in the first place. I also urge parents to support their children instead of reacting with anger or frustration if they open up about cyberbullying and help them in reporting it.

Shakir KB

Singanisar, Turbat

Published in The Express Tribune, December 4th, 2022.

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