Intensifying quagmire

Letter May 11, 2022
Intensifying quagmire


Currently, Pakistan finds itself in a political and economic quagmire, which is intensifying because of the conflicts of interests of those at the helm. This blind pursuit of power is increasing political instability and damaging the economy. Mediocre politicians holding constitutional offices are using different tactics to prolong this impasse.

In a democracy, there is no concept of a ruling family because individuals and political parties are voted into and out of power. This is what democracy is all about, where sovereignty rests with the will of the people. There is no place for cults in a democracy or an Islamic society. It is the collective interest and welfare of the majority that must precede the insatiable greed for power. Otherwise, we may soon approach the same fate as Sri Lanka and our political leaders will receive the same backlash as the Rajapaksa family.

In 2017, when PTI came to power, the total external debt was $86 billion, which swelled to $93 billion in 2018. By 2021, it escalated to $116 billion, which demonstrates an increase of $36 billion in under 4 years. However, the PTI alone cannot be blamed for this, all the past regimes are equally responsible for the present socio-economic turmoil. Despite a severe economic crisis, no attempts have been made to reduce the import of luxury items. Instead of importing luxury SUVs, there should be a total ban on the import of all foreign cars, mobile phones, and luxury items for at least a year. Unfortunately, it seems that the government has failed to gauge the seriousness of the matter and is oblivious to the ensuing crisis.

Malik Tariq


Published in The Express Tribune, May 12th, 2022.

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