Do some good

Letter October 24, 2021
Do some good


Pakistan’s political parties are known for deploying almost all their resources on ugly fights with their opponents. No matter what, each party is busy raising fingers at their opponent, claiming that they are the root of all the problems in the country. In reality, however, all mainstream parties have contributed to the deterioration of Pakistan and the destruction of its economy. No party has ever tried to seriously work for the betterment of the country by diverting their time and money on things that can strengthen the economy and help the people.

There is no doubt that our political parties can do great things by mobilising their followers for the betterment of the country. Doing so will not only help and strengthen the country but also improve the voter base of the party doing the good work. Instead of wasting their resources and time on mudslinging against each other, they can put their time and resources to good use. They can help and facilitate farmers to transport their crops to markets and enable them to sell it at good prices. They can help free them from the clutches of those who are keen to exploit them for personal profits.

If parties can train their workers to study the system and help stop the exploitation of farmers at the hands of middlemen, it would be a great service to the nation. It will help reduce food inflation and improve the life of the growers, who usually do not reap the benefit of the market prices. Similarly, parties can train and mobilise their workers to set up farmer’s markets where growers and producers can sell directly to customers. This can reduce the exploitative role of distributors and curb inflation in the country.


Published in The Express Tribune, October 25th, 2021.

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