Education system failure

Letter April 01, 2021
All Institutions are run and controlled by the leading or commanding officer


Being a former colony of Great Britain, Pakistan was quick to adopt the education system of British India designed especially for the colonial subjects of the Empire. Today, there is an ever-growing criticism of this faulty system and its efficacy. But this criticism itself lacks a very important aspect that many overlook.

Apart from failing to provide maximum exposure to students for nourishing and polishing their skills and potential, this archaic system severely lacks moral and ethical education. Moral grooming is completely non-existent in our schools. This dilemma is evident through the growing rate of crimes among the educated section of the youth and the ever-increasing corruption in the state. Our country’s name is sinking to new depths in the corruption index. Our state’s machinery functions through the civilian and military bureaucracy headed by a political system. Civilian bureaucrats are selected through the toughest examination system present in the country. Those who qualify the exam are considered to be the cream of intellectuals. Politicians are also required to possess a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Judiciary is also one of the key pillars in the state’s infrastructure which also constitutes of highly educated people. Now the question arises: if everybody in the key positions of administration are required to be educated at such high levels, why does the menace of corruption still persist?

All Institutions are run and controlled by the leading or commanding officer. If the head of the institute indulges himself in such filthy activities then the whole department will lean towards such practices. The problem lies in basic schooling, where teachers and parents emphasise upon good grades instead on instilling in youngsters a sense of responsibility.

Muhammad Adil Javed


Published in The Express Tribune, April 2nd, 2021.

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