The path to revolution (II)

Letter March 28, 2011
I disagree with Mr Naqvi’s take on Zohair Toru. Calling him a mummy-daddy-burger is ridiculing those aspiring change.

LAHORE: I disagree with Mr Naqvi’s take on the actions of Zohair Toru. Calling a protester a mummy-daddy-burger is tantamount to ridiculing those who are at least willing to come out of the comfort of their homes and trying to bring about some change through their actions. It doesn’t matter how bad his Urdu was or that he was complaining of the heat, at least he was out there on the road. What kept us from venturing out of our homes, registering our protest against the actions of the government? Many of us go on Facebook and protest there or write articles, which are then read by the already-converted, so what good is that? What does that achieve? And then we have the gall to make fun of people who at least take the initiative.

Savera Dar

Published in The Express Tribune, March 28th, 2011.