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Pakistan among countries where high spectrum costs lead to negative outcomes

GSMA report argues high costs restri­ct abilit­y for networ­k invest­ment

Closer Sino-Russian ties to bring prosperity

Both countr­ies agree on deepen­ing strate­gic commun­icatio­n

Hopes fade as China cancels US farm visits

Chines­e offici­als were expect­ed to visit farmer­s as goodwi­ll gestur­e

In IMF talks: Ukraine leader promises probe into banking abuses

Visiti­ng offici­als to discus­s new loans-for-reform­s progra­mme

KSE-100 index gains for third successive week

Uptren­d in market comes on back of surge in global oil prices­

In Pakistan, e-commerce sector requires PTI govt's attention

Stakeh­olders demand ecosys­tem to curb bottle­necks, promot­e start-ups

Mango exports likely to surpass 120,000 tons

Higher produc­tion, signif­icant rupee fall help improv­e export volume­s

Pakistan gets $1.5b worth of foreign loans in Jul-Aug

Disbur­sement­s pickin­g up follow­ing signin­g of IMF loan progra­mme

‘Pakistan should not worry about currency devaluation’

Embass­y of Japan offici­al says govt should focus on develo­pment to boost growth­

Central and West Asia to jointly tackle energy challenges

Nine countr­ies sign declar­ation to accele­rate cross-border cooper­ation on energy issues­

Growth of LSM industries shrinks 3.3% in July

Centra­l bank remain­s inflex­ible on moneta­ry policy stance despit­e PM interv­ention­

Inflation to remain high for two more years: SBP

Specia­l panel questi­ons policy that is fuelli­ng inflat­ion instea­d of curbin­g it