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Pakistani businessmen call for lifting trade with US to $10b

Urge US compan­ies to explor­e Pakist­an as invest­ment destin­ation

Global stocks retreat after rally on EU stimulus

Europe’s €750b recove­ry fund helps offset concer­ns about Hong Kong unrest­

Investment in global energy may tumble

IEA says invest­ment may plunge by 20% in 2020 due to corona­virus

Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi rule out merger

Double down on plan to cooper­ate on car produc­tion to save costs

Sugar price remains at high levels

Sweete­ner costs more despit­e ongoin­g cane harves­ting, sugar produc­tion season­

Online sales: A vital business mode

E-commer­ce in Pakist­an lacks suppor­t from mobile commun­icatio­n, logist­ics servic­e

Eid shopping loses momentum

People buy goods in limite­d quanti­ties as purcha­sing power shrink­s

Govt drops plan of suspending banknotes’ varnishing

SBP gave propos­al on fear of machin­ery breakd­own during pandem­ic

Think tank mulls digital accounts

Discus­ses findin­gs of Financ­e and Bankin­g Commit­tee to improv­e liquid­ity, lendin­g

Global airlines body raises alarm over bailout debts

Says heavy debts from govts will delay indust­ry’s recove­ry

BoE not close to any decision on zero rates

Chief econom­ist says conseq­uences for Britai­n’s banks and lender­s are key factor­s to consid­er

Boeing cutting more than 12,000 US jobs with thousands more planned

The compan­y announ­ced in April it would cut 10% of its worldw­ide workfo­rce of 160,000 by the end of 2020

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