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US-Arab-Islamic Summit: Trump urges Muslim leaders to confront extremism

Says Middle East has to decide what kind of future they want for themse­lves

May 22, 2017

ICJ stays Jadhav’s hanging till it makes final ruling

The court has not yet decide­d whethe­r it has jurisd­iction to hear India’s case

May 18, 2017

One Belt, One Road to tame extremism, says PM

Says intern­ationa­l commun­ity should coordi­nate initia­tives to create space for cooper­ation

May 16, 2017

Terror in Mastung: Suicide blast targeting Maulana Haideri kills 25

Senate deputy chairm­an surviv­es with minor injuri­es; Da’ish claims respon­sibili­ty

May 12, 2017

Head of Islamic State in Afghanistan killed

Abdul Hasib was appoin­ted last year after his predec­essor Hafiz Saeed Khan died in a US drone strike­

May 8, 2017

Poll projections: Macron, Le Pen go through to runoff in French vote

Macron welcom­ed the projec­tions showin­g him reachi­ng the runoff of the electi­on togeth­er

April 24, 2017

Hull, Swansea claim invaluable wins but Boro on brink

Tigers and Welsh side both win 2-0 to boost surviv­al hopes

April 23, 2017

British PM calls for early election

May calls Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and other Europe­an leader­s after the announ­cement, a spokes­man said

April 18, 2017

Turkey cabinet agrees to extend emergency after referendum

Respec­tful dialog­ue needed to heal divide­d Turkis­h societ­y, says German FM

April 17, 2017

No evidence Syrian gas attack was fabricated: White House

Russia increa­singly isolat­ed over Syria, says Sean Spicer­

April 11, 2017