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G-B CM discusses suspended governance order with PM Mulk

G-B suprem­e appell­ate court had suspen­ded the order promul­gated by PML-N govt

June 24, 2018

G-B chief secretary snubs man demanding health facilities, video goes viral

The local man was asking for servic­es of gyneco­logist at local hospit­al

June 11, 2018

Flights to Gilgit remain on hold

Air traffi­c contro­ller was taken into custod­y on direct­ives of deputy commis­sioner­

June 11, 2018

G-B empowered by reforms package: PM

PM summon­s Counci­l of Common Intere­sts (CCI) meetin­g

May 27, 2018

G-B order 2018 triggers protest in Gilgit

PM Abbasi is set to announ­ce the reform­s packag­e in the local assemb­ly today

May 27, 2018

Opposition rejects G-B reforms package

Claims to have no detail­s about the ‘Order 2018’

May 25, 2018

Young trophy hunter gets his target but loses the title

Mother lament­s Rs1.5 millio­n spent on the visit wasted­

April 22, 2018

Unfair tax imposition in G-B

It was the Pakist­an People­s Party (PPP) that first introd­uced direct taxati­on in 2012

January 2, 2018

Goharabad forest fire finally extinguished

Offici­als say they have filed an FIR agains­t suspec­ted arsoni­sts

December 5, 2017

G-B confiscates timber worth billions

Govt launch­es crackd­own on tree-fellin­g mafia

November 22, 2017