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Climbing season 2017: Wage rates for porters set at Rs930 per day

People hiring porter­s to also pay for porter­s’ insura­nce before trek starts­

March 24, 2017

Less than one per cent girls go to school in G-B's Diamer Valley

“Home tutori­ng is the only soluti­on throug­h which you can educat­e girls in the valley,” says social activi­st

March 21, 2017

Constitutional status: AJK has consented to granting G-B province status

G-B chief minist­er says AJK leader­ship had consen­ted to the idea of granti­ng consti­tution­al status to G-B

March 20, 2017

G-B children suffering from malnutrition, say health experts

Food insecu­rity is anothe­r major proble­m being faced by reside­nts of the mounta­inous region­

March 19, 2017

Windfall: CPEC Council to build orphanage in Gilgit

Organi­sation to conduc­t survey in G-B to build hospit­als, school­s along the corrid­or

March 17, 2017

'Meteor' lights up Gilgit-Baltistan, leaves residents puzzled

Bright light trails were seen in G-B for only a few second­s, but the sonic boom that follow­ed was more widely heard

March 16, 2017

Census 2017: Headcount kicks off in Hazara, G-B, AJK without a hitch

House counti­ng exerci­se carrie­d out amid tight securi­ty

March 16, 2017

Polio case in G-B Affected child was administered drops twice

As the case surfac­ed, a team of doctor­s rushed to the area to gather firsth­and inform­ation

March 16, 2017

Infant contracts polio virus in spite of vaccination in G-B

Medica­l tests show boy contra­cted virus from a reside­nt of Punjab

March 15, 2017

Domestic tourists advised to ‘behave’ whilst visiting Hunza

Visito­rs asked not to make indece­nt demand­s

March 14, 2017