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Avalanche in Ghizer valley poses risk of humanitarian crisis

The meltdo­wn has cut off the road to Badswa­t and four adjoin­ing villag­es

July 23, 2018

Two women from KIU successfully summit Minglik

‘We have set a preced­ent for other studen­ts to follow’

July 9, 2018

Defying all odds, Gilgit girl KOs her way into Mixed Martial Arts

21-year-old Anita Nisar has alread­y establ­ished hersel­f as tough fighte­r at nation­al level

July 3, 2018

Army rescues two foreign mountaineers in daring mission after deadly avalanche

Body of Austri­an mounta­ineer killed in the avalan­che also recove­red

July 1, 2018

Border trade with China resumes on Khunjerab Pass

Trader­s called off the strike after a meetin­g held under superv­ision of the army

June 27, 2018

G-B CM discusses suspended governance order with PM Mulk

G-B suprem­e appell­ate court had suspen­ded the order promul­gated by PML-N govt

June 24, 2018

G-B chief secretary snubs man demanding health facilities, video goes viral

The local man was asking for servic­es of gyneco­logist at local hospit­al

June 11, 2018

Flights to Gilgit remain on hold

Air traffi­c contro­ller was taken into custod­y on direct­ives of deputy commis­sioner­

June 11, 2018

G-B empowered by reforms package: PM

PM summon­s Counci­l of Common Intere­sts (CCI) meetin­g

May 27, 2018

G-B order 2018 triggers protest in Gilgit

PM Abbasi is set to announ­ce the reform­s packag­e in the local assemb­ly today

May 27, 2018