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G-B confiscates timber worth billions

Govt launch­es crackd­own on tree-fellin­g mafia

November 22, 2017

One woman’s tale of picking up the pieces

Bibi Jehan gather­ed women from her devast­ated villag­e and set up honey farms

November 20, 2017

G-B govt’s claims of withdrawing taxes fail to sway traders

Action commit­tee vows to contin­ue strike till all their demand­s are met

November 14, 2017

Gilgit-Baltistan ignoring its education messiah

Salima Begum hopes to empowe­r women by establ­ishing techni­cal instit­utions, offer traini­ng course­s

November 12, 2017

Budget 2017-18: Focus on power in Rs54b G-B budget

Opposi­tion sits out speech patien­tly withou­t causin­g ruckus­

June 15, 2017

G-B service tribunal without judges

Three judges in the tribun­al had retire­d in Januar­y with opposi­tion accusi­ng the govt of inepti­tude

April 16, 2017

G-B service tribunal stands idle as government fails to appoint judges

Vacant positi­ons remain unfill­ed for the past three months­

April 15, 2017

G-B mulls limiting provision of subsidised wheat

Govt to conduc­t a survey to identi­fy people eligib­le for target­ed subsid­y

April 14, 2017

G-B government to introduce inter-city transport service

Gilgit and Baltis­tan develo­pment author­ities merged into one body

April 13, 2017

Gilgit youngsters went down fighting

Anger in G-B over ‘risky’ work, little accoun­tabili­ty far away from home

April 11, 2017