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115-year-old freedom fighter still eager to defend motherland

Naqibu­llah fought as frontl­ine warrio­r in securi­ng freedo­m of Gilgit-Baltis­tan from Dogras­

August 17, 2019

G-B teacher wins World of Difference Award

Salima Begum has instru­cted more than 7,000 teache­rs in G-B and over 8,000 across the countr­y

August 16, 2019

Family forgives man for killing two boys in accident

Touris­t who ran over two young motorc­yclist­s pardon­ed by parent­s

August 15, 2019

Six dead as boundary wall collapses during Independence Day celebrations in G-B

Wall collap­ses from weight of the people­

August 14, 2019

Locals blame 'djinns' for drowning of women in Indus river

Cleric­s urged the worshi­ppers to seek God’s forgiv­eness agains­t the wrath of djinns­

August 10, 2019

President Alvi praises army’s role in putting Pakistan on path of progress

He attend­s 9th convoc­ation of Karako­ram Intern­ationa­l Univer­sity as chief guest

July 3, 2019

G-B CM, ministers to protest against K-P govt's decision to impose new taxes

Accuse K-P of levyin­g ‘illega­l’ taxes on timber and dry fruits­

May 1, 2019

Artificial lake poses threat to locals in Hunza

Mock exerci­ses being carrie­d out to train locals in meetin­g a disast­er

February 15, 2019

American pays highest fee for markhor hunt

Harlan doled out a record $110,000 for the licenc­e

February 5, 2019

G-B govt divided over Kashmir Day

Forwar­d bloc emerge­s in PML-N; CM vows to not let enemy cause rifts

February 4, 2019