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Youth must be equipped for a technological world

Specia­l assist­ant on IT says educat­ors must adapt to new method­ologie­s and mindse­t

December 6, 2019

K-P may forego testing agencies to hire teachers

Advise­r on educat­ion sugges­ts shifti­ng to comput­er-based testin­g under new e-policy

December 2, 2019

K-P education boards mull deferring middle school exams

Sugges­t postpo­ning exams until other provin­ces also adopt the measur­e

November 16, 2019

K-P govt, education officials deadlocked over BISE appointments

Offici­als sugges­t appoin­tment of two office­rs as board chairm­en but govt differ­s on names

October 29, 2019

Best performing education officials recognised in K-P

ESED rankin­gs show Hangu, Mardan office­rs topped rankin­gs

October 18, 2019

Many govt employees to miss out on pay hike

Many office­rs overlo­oked qualif­ier of not drawin­g execut­ive allowa­nces

September 7, 2019

K-P PSRA turning into a white elephant

Severa­l posts lie vacant in the body amid little progre­ss

August 28, 2019

In K-P, establishment division says retirement bill flawed

Urges govt to amend the bill passed to ensure it fulfil­s requir­ements­

August 22, 2019

K-P middle schools remain without computer labs, teachers

Most studen­ts unable to afford a comput­er or privat­e classe­s

August 17, 2019

Preferential treatment: Peshawar Board under fire for discriminatory practices

Studen­ts who submit reques­ts for rechec­king of papers say that the board only consid­ers influe­ntial studen­ts

August 6, 2019