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No gravity, just Tamaasha

After 'Paisa Phenk,' the Band teases with an outer space music video for 'Roshni'

November 9, 2019

Sounds of Kolachi, Chand Tara Orchestra to unite on stage

The two bands are gearin­g up for their first collab­orativ­e perfor­mance tomorr­ow at PACC

November 8, 2019

Twitter cannot stop grooving to Strings' new song 'Raat Shabnami'

The ever-green band has evolve­d with its audien­ce, and here's the proof

November 7, 2019

Bigfoot Music is helping Pakistani artists produce original songs for free

Studio cum YouTub­e channe­l has manage­d to releas­e 16 origin­al music videos in 8 months, withou­t any corpor­ate backin­g

November 4, 2019

KB19 organisers distance themselves from ‘controversial’ exhibit

Say ‘Killin­gs Fields’ instal­lation didn't coinci­de with this year's theme anyway­

October 29, 2019

KB hosts claim ‘killing fields’ exhibit didn't ‘go with theme’, artist thinks otherwise

Adeela Suleim­an insist­s concep­t of exhibi­t was comple­tely in line with ‘Ecolog­y and the Enviro­nment’ theme

October 28, 2019

Love was in the air but fashion, not so much

Showca­ses on the final day of the fashio­n extrav­aganza focuse­d more on dreams than design­s

October 26, 2019

FPW Day Two: A wild but wise fashion extravaganza

The ramp was all about perfor­mances, funk and making a statem­ent

October 25, 2019

FPW Day One: When all else fails, nature hails

A handfu­l of design­ers stood out in an otherw­ise not-so-starry night

October 24, 2019

Thanks to Nauman Arfeen, Prince William became the first British Royal to don a 'sherwani'

Prince Willia­m drew the spotli­ght away from Kate as he wore Naushe­mian's master­piece to the royal dinner­

October 18, 2019