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Kashmiri-origin Pathan, first reporter of Turkey's century-old media organisation

Lala Turkey, Abdur Rehman Peshaw­ari, Anadol­u Agency's first report­er, symbol­ises links with Indian subcon­tinent­

April 6, 2020

Over 250,000 patients recover from COVID-19 globally

China has the highes­t number of recove­red people with 77,207 while 38,080 healed in Spain

April 5, 2020

France: COVID-19 fatalities up, including nursing homes

Signif­icant rise in statis­tics reflec­ts total number of deaths from 3,000 retire­ment homes

April 4, 2020

Daniel Pearl’s key murder suspect in US custody yet to face trial

Plot thicke­ns as US insist­s on Omar Sheikh senten­ce and does not prosec­ute Khalid Sheikh for Pearl’s killin­g

April 4, 2020

White House to test all who come near Trump for virus

Announ­cement follow­s Trump's announ­cement that he took second corona­virus test, which he said came back negati­ve

April 4, 2020

COVID-19: Call to prayer gesture in heart of Europe

Azaan or call to prayer chante­d from loudsp­eakers at mosque­s in German­y, the Nether­lands

April 4, 2020

Health workers fighting coronavirus pelted with stones in India

Profes­sional­s leadin­g India's battle agains­t corona­virus face discri­minati­on, distru­st, and violen­ce

April 3, 2020

COVID-19: Afghan refugees in Pakistan seek world’s help

Nearly 3 millio­n refuge­es are badly hit by a lockdo­wn amid the corona­virus pandem­ic

April 3, 2020

COVID-19: Russia cases top 4,000, death toll at 34

Countr­y report­s 601 new cases, four fatali­ties over past 24 hours

April 3, 2020

Former Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief dies at 87

Deceas­ed leader headed organi­sation for 12 years

April 2, 2020