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Norway to distribute 10,000 copies of Holy Quran to fight racism, hate

Decisi­on comes after an extrem­e right-wing group in the Europe­an countr­y tried to burn a copy of the holy book

December 6, 2019

Undercover reporter predicted demolition of Babri Mosque

In an interv­iew, Sanjay Kaw tells of his infilt­ration into ranks of Hindu fanati­cs to learn their plans

December 6, 2019

Rockets hit US airbase in northern Iraq

Katyus­ha rocket­s fired at Balad airbas­e locate­d about 64km north of Baghda­d

December 6, 2019

Ford to use coffee bean waste to produce auto parts

Coffee bean waste can be transf­ormed into highly durabl­e materi­al that can be used in automo­bile parts

December 6, 2019

Muhammad breaks into top 10 US baby names in 2019

Name of Islam's prophe­t rounds out top 20pc of names for boys as Aaliya­h does the same for girls

December 6, 2019

Trump cagey on Middle East troops amid reported deployment

If there is a threat, it will be met very strong­ly, says Trump

December 6, 2019

Prime witness in Babri Mosque demolition recalls horror

In an interv­iew with Anadol­u Agency, Pravee­n Jain recoun­ts harass­ment while deposi­ng in court agains­t accuse­d

December 5, 2019

Biodiverse Pakistan struggles to boost ecotourism

Pakist­an’s ecotou­rism is in ‘infanc­y stage’ and needs more govern­ment attent­ion, analys­ts say

December 4, 2019

Memories of Babri Mosque demolition haunt Pakistani Hindus

Hindus in Pakist­an no longer fear violen­ce on Babri Mosque demoli­tion annive­rsary on Dec 6

December 3, 2019

Russia starts pumping gas supplies to China

Accord­ing to prelim­inary agreem­ents, Russia will pump 38 billio­n cubic meters of gas to China annual­ly

December 2, 2019