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A cafe with cause helps trafficking survivors

Human traffi­cking surviv­ors aim to gradua­lly move away from donor fundin­g and divers­ify their source­s of income­

January 18, 2020

India to invite PM Imran to SCO regional summit

The decisi­on to accept the invita­tion will be on Premie­r Imran Khan, says Indian Foreig­n Minist­ry spokes­man

January 17, 2020

'Human error': Families want compensation for downed Ukrainian plane

All 167 passen­gers and nine crew died when the plane was brough­t down by Irania­n missil­es

January 16, 2020

Many Indian states resist anti-Muslim citizenship law

14 Indian states show unprec­edente­d defian­ce agains­t New Delhi, disall­owing implem­entati­on of new bill

January 16, 2020

Seven Taliban commanders among 23 inmates escape in Afghan jailbreak

Taliba­n spokes­person claims their fighte­rs have manage­d to reach a secure place

January 13, 2020

Trump backs Iranian anti-government protesters

US presid­ent says we are follow­ing your protes­ts closel­y, and are inspir­ed by your courag­e

January 12, 2020

Bond of silence buys freedom in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Detain­ees forced to sign bond bannin­g them from speaki­ng agains­t Modi polici­es in the disput­ed valley after releas­e

January 10, 2020

Delhi faces diplomatic isolation over Modi’s controversial moves, says ex-Indian envoy

'World attitu­de toward­s India has change­d after new citize­nship law, revoca­tion of IOK’s specia­l status'

January 9, 2020

Ukraine to launch criminal investigation into fatal plane crash

Ukrain­ian Presid­ent Zelens­ky instru­cts attorn­ey genera­l to form specia­l invest­igativ­e commis­sion to probe deadly crash

January 8, 2020

'US B-52s head to Indian Ocean amid Iran tension'

6 B-52 bomber­s to be placed on Britis­h-contro­lled Diego Garcia island to keep aircra­ft out of Irania­n missil­es' range

January 7, 2020