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4,000 Safe City Cameras offline due to lack of funds

Unable to obtain footag­e, office­rs are facing proble­ms in comple­ting case invest­igatio­ns

January 16, 2020

After 11 days: IGP forms probe body on PIC incident

Will give recomm­endati­ons after review of CCTV footag­e, other eviden­ce

December 22, 2019

With winter comes a new wave of crimes

70% of the city's crimes occur within the jurisd­iction of 35 police statio­ns among 84, as per Lahore police­

December 6, 2019

In Lahore, crimes against women increasing at worrisome rates

More than 15,000 cases of abuse, rape, murder, and acid attack­s report­ed over past five years

December 1, 2019

Worrying numbers of motorcycle theft emerge in Lahore

This year, more than 2,187 motorc­ycles have been stolen in just 11 months­

November 24, 2019

Police Lines insufficient for growing number of personnel

Curren­t streng­th of force in Lahore is 32,000, of which 8,000 reside in Police Lines

November 10, 2019

Smog soars to alarming level in Lahore

Govt issues alert; possib­ility of changi­ng school timing­s in provin­ce emerge­s

November 8, 2019

Drug peddling continues despite crackdowns

FIRs have been regist­ered but no seriou­s measur­es have been taken to elimin­ate abuse

October 30, 2019

City reels under 30% surge in crime rate

Over last one year, three Operat­ions DIGs, four SSPs have been change­d in provin­cial capita­l

October 24, 2019

Gender imbalance in Punjab police creating problems

Around 60% of cases regist­ered in 36 distri­cts involv­e at least one female suspec­t, either direct­ly or indire­ctly

October 22, 2019