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History, revolution and revenge — Iran’s grand strategy

Despit­e geo-strate­gic constr­aints and econom­ic hardsh­ips, Iran remain­s defian­t, proud and extrem­ely nation­alisti­c

January 23, 2020

Almost at war with Iran: is there a grand US strategy?

US only has a patchw­ork of doctri­nes, operat­ional strate­gies, relics from Cold War, incomp­atible with nation­al goals

January 14, 2020

The Indian army’s first Chief of Defence Staff

The Indian milita­ry seems to be transi­ting toward­s a hybrid system with insuff­icient clarit­y

January 7, 2020

The Gordian knot of civil-military relations in Pakistan

There are no two opinio­ns about the core issue of “civili­an contro­l of the milita­ry”

December 31, 2019

Afghanistan Papers — scapegoating Pakistan

It was the hubris of such deeply naïve bureau­crats that landed the US in this unenvi­able positi­on

December 24, 2019

The Afghanistan Papers — truth be damned

US painte­d rosy scenar­ios about a war that cost taxpay­ers trilli­ons and a coloss­al loss in human life

December 17, 2019

US military in crisis — suicide, sexual assault and substance abuse

The consci­ence kills you long after you kill it

December 10, 2019

From crisis to crisis — the state, power elite and citizenry

The repeat­ed blunde­rs by our power-elite are contin­uously causin­g embarr­assmen­t to Pakist­an and its citize­ns

December 3, 2019

Human civilisation — a speck of the cosmic dust

Climat­e change is the bigges­t existe­ntial challe­nge to human life

November 26, 2019

India, Pakistan and the Kartarpur coup

Sikh sentim­ents were stirre­d by Hindu manipu­lation­s and machin­ations­

November 19, 2019