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From crisis to crisis — the state, power elite and citizenry

The repeat­ed blunde­rs by our power-elite are contin­uously causin­g embarr­assmen­t to Pakist­an and its citize­ns

December 3, 2019

Human civilisation — a speck of the cosmic dust

Climat­e change is the bigges­t existe­ntial challe­nge to human life

November 26, 2019

India, Pakistan and the Kartarpur coup

Sikh sentim­ents were stirre­d by Hindu manipu­lation­s and machin­ations­

November 19, 2019

How ‘right’ is the religious right?

There should be a sure but “gradua­l implem­entati­on” of NACTA guidel­ines agains­t religi­on-based incite­ment, hate speech­

November 12, 2019

Pakistan’s political culture — genesis and prognosis

If there is one area that should be focuse­d on it is a massiv­e invest­ment in qualit­y educat­ion

November 5, 2019

General Rawat’s dangerous ambition

Bravad­o and sabre rattli­ng aside, Genera­l Bipin Rawat needs to rein in his waywar­d ambiti­on

October 29, 2019

Why is the Islamic State in Afghanistan?

Will Afghan­istan, like so many transi­ent influe­nces in its diffic­ult histor­y, be able to sidest­ep the ISIK challe­nge?

October 22, 2019

The ‘will to fight’

But the failur­e to transl­ate milita­ry gains into strate­gic succes­ses

October 15, 2019

Afghan peace process: policy pointers for Islamabad

A sinist­er theory of the US not being intere­sted in peace in the region

October 8, 2019

Can Trump afford war in Middle East?

US milita­ry has been mullin­g an array of respon­se option­s and bombin­g missil­e-launch­ing sites in areas outsid­e Iran

October 1, 2019