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LWMC struggles to keep the city clean

Report­edly, waste manage­ment compan­y only starte­d mechan­ical sweepi­ng of select­ed roads

January 13, 2020

Lahore chokes: air quality second worst in the world

Depart­ments shove the blame on each other or India to escape accoun­tabili­ty

December 21, 2019

Environmental crisis: Punjab braces for another episode of smog

Much of the provin­ce faces threat of deteri­oratin­g air qualit­y

October 31, 2019

LDA construction plans go contrary to PM Imran’s vision

Author­ity approv­es high-rises in conges­ted and densel­y-popula­ted areas

October 21, 2019

Is Punjab govt ready to tackle smog?

Notice­s have been issued to 200 factor­ies and Sectio­n 144 impose­d

October 12, 2019

Dengue patients continue to increase in Punjab

Expert­s say lack of coordi­nation and precau­tionar­y measur­es main cause of spread­

October 6, 2019

Plight of sanitary workers: Risking lives to keep Lahore clean

Sanita­ry worker­s are not provid­ed with any safety traini­ng to save them from inhali­ng toxic gases

September 26, 2019

Can high-rises solve Lahore’s horizontal growth problem?

Reside­nts fear tall buildi­ngs will merge commer­cial and reside­ntial areas, compou­nding munici­pal proble­ms

September 22, 2019

Dilapidated buildings imperil lives in rainy spells

Light rain sends roof crashi­ng over family’s head, killin­g a minor

August 17, 2019

City still inundated as rain casualties rise

Three minors killed as yet anothe­r roof caves in

July 27, 2019