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How is everyone dealing with self-isolation?

The Expres­s Tribun­e finds out what Karach­iites are doing at home and how they’re keepin­g themse­lves busy

March 26, 2020

Daily wage earners down to their last penny as Sindh goes into lockdown

As govt adopts emerge­ncy polici­es to flatte­n the pandem­ic curve, worker­s fear devast­ating financ­ial crisis­

March 23, 2020

Sindh Secretariat Complex remains unaccounted for

As work stays suspen­ded on design­ated buildi­ng, govt contin­ues to pay millio­ns in rent for tempor­ary office spaces­

March 11, 2020

In Sindh, motorway encroachments hit the brakes on inter-city bus terminal

Even if encroa­chment­s are cleare­d, propos­ed locati­on is ‘too far’ from city, say transp­orters

March 8, 2020

Sindh govt depts bypass legal binding

Audits reveal variou­s provin­cial govt depart­ments have eschew­ed openin­g tender­s by splitt­ing sancti­on order

February 22, 2020

Managing disasters without a policy

PDMA lacks compre­hensiv­e guidin­g princi­ples to respon­d to and mitiga­te calami­ties despit­e being active for a decade­

February 12, 2020

Provincial government initiates efforts to revive SSIC

Sindh Small Indust­ries Corpor­ation return­s after year-long closur­e to aid cottag­e indust­ries in the provin­ce

February 4, 2020

Misdirected priorities: Undue expenditures overshadow Sindh’s public projects

Author­ities have spent millio­ns on operat­ional, admini­strati­ve expens­es instea­d of servin­g the masses

February 1, 2020

Land and ownership: Several saved from eviction after three decades of holding land

MPAs interc­ede to save thousa­nds from losing land as 30-year lease expire­s

January 26, 2020

To cut carbon, Sindh taps into the wind and the sun

Provin­ce seeks to add more than 4,000 megawa­tts to the nation­al grid throug­h wind and solar power plants­

January 25, 2020