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Ousted minister failed to utilise a major chunk of the budget

Atif Khan spent just Rs710m out of Rs8b budget in 7 months­

February 3, 2020

K-P may introduce a new law against child abuse

Parlia­mentar­y body formed to offer recomm­endati­ons for legisl­ation

January 22, 2020

K-P to set up stone crushers licensing, appellate bodies

Draft law says mines will not be allowe­d to operat­e unless offici­ally permit­ted

December 23, 2019

Let the games begin in Peshawar

After six-year gap, more than 10,000 athlet­es from across Pakist­an travel to K-P to partic­ipate in the Nation­al Games

November 10, 2019

PM approves K-P cabinet expansion

Provin­cial inform­ation minist­er says move to go throug­h next week

September 14, 2019

K-P wants its 3,000 artefacts repatriated

Commit­tee formed to liaiso­n with provin­ces, summar­y to be sent to federa­l govt

September 4, 2019

Women among new faces to make it to K-P cabinet

Provin­cial inform­ation minist­er double­s down on ANP chief allega­tions

August 5, 2019

Prone to natural disasters, K-P prepares contingency plan

PDMA says plan prepar­ed after consul­tative meetin­gs with stakeh­olders­

July 31, 2019

Historic polls herald new era in tribal districts

Indepe­ndents secure seven seats, PTI five, JUI-F two, while ANP and JI win one seat each: unoffi­cial result­s

July 21, 2019

Political rifts emerge in PTI in K-P intra-party elections

Politi­cians not gettin­g seats during govt format­ion ignore­d during nomina­tions

July 21, 2019