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SC trashes CDA report on encroachment as ‘fairy tales’

Summon­s chiefs of civic author­ity and NHA in shoppi­ng mall case

December 6, 2019

Panel fails to break deadlock on ECP makeup

Commis­sion will become dysfun­ctiona­l after CEC’s retire­ment

December 5, 2019

SC tells govt to explain legal process for ‘enemy alien’

'Who are these people [enemy alien]? Are they Pakist­ani citize­ns?'

December 5, 2019

ASF personnel to be court-martialled over Islamabad airport brawl

In Octobe­r, passen­gers and offici­als assaul­ted, abused each other during flight's forced landin­g

December 3, 2019

Tezgam mishap final report not finalised yet

PAC subcom­mittee holds meetin­g presid­ed over by Senato­r Sherry Rehman­

November 28, 2019

Opposition confab renews call for fresh polls

Slams govern­ment for making CPEC contro­versia­l

November 26, 2019

NA passes record 11 bills amid opposition's outcry

PTI govt manage­s to sail throug­h legisl­ations by dispen­sing with NA rules of proced­ure 

November 8, 2019

Privacy under threat: Our own Orwellian nightmare in the making

PTI govt moves to instal­l highly invasi­ve web-monito­ring system­

November 1, 2019

Minister rules out any deal with Nawaz

Ghulam Sarwar Khan says any deal with Nawaz Sharif is out of the questi­on

October 26, 2019

Senate panel orders UoB to remove unnecessary CCTVs

Also asks VC to change securi­ty staff on campus; deploy securi­ty person­nel on entry, exit points

October 26, 2019