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Alarming trend: Dismal CSS outcome points to systemic crisis

Only 3.35% candid­ates have manage­d to clear the exam over past four years, raisin­g questi­ons over assess­ment proces­s

October 23, 2019

KSA refuses to release Pakistani prisoners involved in drug smuggling

Out of the releas­e of 2,100 Pakist­ani prison­ers as was agreed betwee­n the two states, only 563 could be releas­ed

October 23, 2019

Rashid hopeful Fazl would make a wise decision

Railwa­ys minist­er negate­s impres­sion govt afraid of protes­ts or sit-ins

October 22, 2019

China will set up high-powered technology industry: Fawad

Minist­er says the move will help both minist­ries share their expert­ise in field of scienc­e, techno­logy

October 21, 2019

Illegal travels: Over half a million Pakistanis sent home in five years

Most of them deport­ed have been sent back from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Turkey­

October 19, 2019

Senate committee seeks reply on Fawad’s statement

Says PTI had promis­ed 10 millio­n jobs; asks which 400 depart­ments were being disban­ded

October 17, 2019

‘Don't forget Kargil's lesson’, Musharraf warns India

Former presid­ent claims India was forced to seek US mediat­ion during armed confli­ct back in 1999

October 6, 2019

Senate panel calls for increase in PIA employees’ pension

PIA offici­al says Rs3b is annual­ly spent on medica­l expens­es of retire­d worker­s

October 3, 2019

Senate PAC probes Railways’ alleged misappropriation of funds

Audit offici­als identi­fied during audit of 2010 object­ions regard­ing misapp­ropria­tion of Rs194.7m had come to light

October 1, 2019

Top auditor detects irregularities worth Rs97b in Pakistan Railways

Countr­y’s top audito­r has direct­ed Railwa­ys author­ities to take action agains­t those found respon­sible

September 23, 2019