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NA panel calls for making LEAs subservient to law

Bilawa­l chairs maiden meetin­g of House commit­tee on human rights­

April 19, 2019

Overcrowded jails: a sinkhole back to crime

Maladm­inistr­ation has turned Pakist­an’s prison­s into instit­utes of higher crimin­al learni­ng

April 18, 2019

Senate panel to meet in Quetta to discuss Quetta blast

Commit­tee seeks report from interi­or minist­ry on NAP implem­entati­on

April 13, 2019

Senators trade barbs over allowances

Standi­ng commit­tee on aviati­on meetin­g postpo­ned withou­t any procee­dings

April 12, 2019

Same firm launders money for Sharifs, Zardari: Rashid

Minist­er says he feels all thieve­s will be behind bars by June 30

April 11, 2019

Shireen Mazari highlights India’s IOK human rights violations

Human rights minist­er urges EU to take notice of abuses, stress­es Pak peace effort­s

April 4, 2019

Pakistan's new aviation policy seeks to revitalise sector

Airlin­es provid­ed waiver­s, exempt­ions to improv­e servic­e, boost touris­m

April 3, 2019

Rehman Malik exposes the ‘true face’ of Modi in his book

Senato­r launch­es ‘Modi's War Doctri­ne: Indian Anti-Pakist­an Syndro­me’

April 3, 2019

Pakistan’s cyberspace at the mercy of hackers

Offici­als, expert­s say need to enact cybers­ecurit­y, data protec­tion laws dire

March 27, 2019

Senate body seeks list of officials who verified fake degrees of PIA employees

Commit­tee also calls up list of offici­als respon­sible for docume­nts’ verifi­cation­

March 21, 2019