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Austerity, charity and accountability must begin at home!

Imran Khan has failed to come good on the many promis­es he had made to the people­

June 14, 2019

Will unilateralism work in Pak-India relations?

On can expect positi­ves only if India agrees to break the stando­ff by holdin­g meanin­gful dialog­ue with Pakist­an

May 31, 2019

America’s dangerous game against Iran

If Iran withdr­aws from the nuclea­r deal, respon­sibili­ty would lie with the US becaus­e of its warmon­gering behavi­our

May 24, 2019

If Modi loses Indian elections…

A second term for the BJP and its allies would mean an end of India’s democr­atic and secula­r identi­ty

May 17, 2019

Opposition’s moment of truth

The focus of the opposi­tion and govt is not to pull the countr­y from econom­ic collap­se but to let each other down

May 10, 2019

A neutral policy on Afghanistan?

Pakist­an’s strate­gic and securi­ty intere­sts in Afghan­istan cannot be denied becaus­e for the last four decade­s

May 3, 2019

Need for a doctrine on governance, security and development

If the countr­y is insecu­re then even its nuclea­r arsena­l cannot preven­t a disast­er to take place

April 26, 2019

Economy is the key issue

PTI cluele­ss about govern­ance, econom­y and foreig­n policy, yet confid­ent it will put the house in order

April 19, 2019

Last chance to save democratic and secular India?

If BJP under Narend­ra Modi comes to power the future of Indian democr­acy and secula­rism will be doomed­

April 12, 2019

Is India losing Kashmir?

Even if the BJP loses electi­ons, there is no way New Delhi can win the hearts and minds of the Kashmi­ris

April 5, 2019