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Human security predicament

Econom­ic crisis is like a time bomb and a major human securi­ty predic­ament for Pakist­an

January 24, 2020

Is Kashmir becoming a forgotten case?

There is no way India will revers­e its policy unless Pakist­an takes a firm stand on Kashmi­ri strugg­le for emanci­pation­

January 17, 2020

Sovereignty is the issue!

The road to sovere­ignty for Pakist­an passes throug­h a strong econom­ic, techno­logica­l and indust­rial base

January 10, 2020

Indian army’s growing political ambitions

Indian army suppor­ting contro­versia­l decisi­ons of Modi govt means its genera­ls are lookin­g for perks, quick promot­ions

January 3, 2020

Forty years of Afghan War

The hope for peace in Afghan­istan in the last 40 years has been a victim of politi­cal vendet­ta by Afghan leader­s

December 28, 2019

Modi’s opening of multiple fronts

Will the pro-Indian regime in Dhaka look the other way over New Delhi’s policy of Muslim bashin­g?

December 20, 2019

London Plan: myth or reality?

London is termed the hub of politi­cal intrig­ues and conspi­racies that cause politi­cal instab­ility in Pakist­an

December 13, 2019

Hindu enclaves in Kashmir Valley

India is consol­idatin­g its hold over IOK and Pakist­an is unable to challe­nge New Delhi becaus­e of its fragil­e econom­y

December 6, 2019

CPEC as a game changer?

CPEC can be a cataly­st in accele­rating the proces­s of develo­pment in Pakist­an but will certai­nly not be a game-change­r

November 29, 2019

If governance is not the issue…

The ground realit­ies since July 2018 contra­dict PM Imran’s narrat­ive and what he has done after coming into power

November 22, 2019