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Turkish companies keen to invest in SEZs

Envoy says bilate­ral econom­ic ties must be enhanc­ed

November 16, 2019

Mobile app launched to allow citizens to lodge complaints about waste in Rawalpindi

RCCI, RWMC join hands to rid Rawalp­indi of waste

November 15, 2019

CDA to install ‘smart’ traffic signals

Initia­lly, 'smart' traffi­c signal­s to be instal­led along Kashmi­r Highwa­y from Sector G-7 to G-11

November 15, 2019

Indonesian embassy holds Batik workshop

Cultur­al practi­ce fascin­ates partic­ipants­

November 12, 2019

Capital Hospital to get new cardiac block

The additi­onal block will have a cardia­c centre of excell­ence, ICUs, CCUs and other facili­ties

November 5, 2019

Traders welcome progress on rent law

Disput­es to be referr­ed to mediat­ion counci­l under the amendm­ent

November 5, 2019

CDA section heads told to address public issues

Author­ity’s manage­ment direct­s EMW to ensure timely remitt­ance of pay orders

November 4, 2019

RAC photo exhibit on Kashmiris opens

Showin­g solida­rity with the people of the occupi­ed valley­

November 2, 2019

‘Islamophobia created to achieve specific goals’

Phenom­enon establ­ished by global elite for politi­cal, econom­ic purpos­es, expert says

November 1, 2019

Jhelum art competition concludes

Compet­ition is an initia­tive of the School Educat­ion Depart­ment and Punjab Counci­l of the Arts

October 31, 2019