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India appoints new finance minister days before Modi govt's final budget

Feb 1 budget is expect­ed to be full of measur­es aimed at appeal­ing farmer­s, small busine­sses

January 24, 2019

Pictures of the day: January 17, 2019

Eleven photos from around the world

January 17, 2019

Pictures of the day: December 24, 2018

Ten photos from around the world

December 24, 2018

Slovakia expels Russian diplomat, says engaged in espionage

Moscow and Kiev traded angry accusa­tions since Russia­n navy vessel­s fired on and captur­ed three Ukrain­ian ships

December 5, 2018

Dolce & Gabbana vanishes from Chinese retail sites amid row

Founde­rs of Italia­n fashio­n house apolog­ised on Friday over racial­ly offens­ive posts

November 24, 2018

Sri Lanka president signs papers to dissolve parliament

Dissol­ution comes after weeks of intens­e power strugg­le, follow­ed by Sirise­na’s sudden sackin­g of Prime Minist­er

November 10, 2018

Trump mocks losing Republican candidates for shunning him during campaigns

Trump is not on the ballot in the midter­ms, where entire House of Repres­entati­ves and third of Senate are for grabs

November 7, 2018