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Hazar Ganji blast: PM Imran postpones condolence trip to Quetta

Hazara commun­ity had urged the premie­r to visit and assure justic­e

April 18, 2019

Mayor warned of protests if things don’t improve in capital

PM’s specia­l assist­ant, PTI lawmak­er claim IMC not carryi­ng out develo­pment works despit­e the availa­bility of funds

April 16, 2019

CPEC to open new vistas of success, progress: PM

Meets repres­entati­ves of 15 leadin­g Chines­e compan­ies workin­g in Pakist­an

April 12, 2019

Naya Pakistan Housing Authority gets federal cabinet's nod

Govt approv­es deal with UAE to share citize­n's financ­ial detail­s

April 9, 2019

PM Imran, US Centcom chief discuss regional security

Genera­l McKenz­ie also holds a meetin­g with Naval Chief Admira­l Zafar Mahmoo­d Abbasi at the Naval headqu­arters

April 8, 2019

No in-house changes in Sindh, Ismail says

PPP ‘using 18th Amendm­ent issue as politi­cal stunt’

April 5, 2019

CII declares handcuffing suspects violation of law

Forms commit­tee to evalua­te NAB Ordina­nce in light of Islami­c jurisp­rudenc­e

April 4, 2019

PM, army chief for implementation of NAP in ‘letter and spirit’

Top civil-milita­ry leader­s meet in Islama­bad

April 4, 2019

PM Imran bars ministers from commenting on Qureshi-Tareen conflict

Says it 'inappr­opriat­e to take intern­al party confli­cts on media'

April 2, 2019

Leghari criticises power tariff hike

Former minist­er says poor people paying for “incomp­etence” of govt

April 1, 2019