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40% of all UK forced marriage cases linked to Pakistan

Up to 80 per cent of people affect­ed were women, while 20 per cent were men

September 21, 2019

PM Imran irked over non-attendance of ministers, secretaries

Heads of differ­ent standi­ng commit­tees lodge compla­ints with Speake­r Nation­al Assemb­ly Asad Qaiser­

September 19, 2019

PTI govt an existential threat for country: Fazl

Says opposi­tion partie­s to take part in JUI-F’s Azadi March

September 18, 2019

Ghotki incident echoes during NA session

Hindu MNAs condem­n attack on temple, harass­ment; demand legisl­ation for protec­tion of minori­ties

September 18, 2019

PML-N assures full support in freedom march, claims Fazl

Says not afraid of arrest and would devise strate­gy accord­ing to situat­ion

September 5, 2019

PM Imran, Saudi crown prince discuss situation in occupied Kashmir

FM Quresh­i discus­ses Kashmi­r situat­ion with Turkis­h, Icelan­dic counte­rparts­

September 3, 2019

Govt launches its own mineral water to cut costs

Scienc­e and Techno­logy Minist­er Fawad Chaudh­ry says one litre of 'Safe Drinki­ng Water' costs just a rupee

August 31, 2019

PM hopes new policy will cut energy costs

SAPM on energy says ratio of renewa­ble energy in the energy mix will be increa­sed to 20% by 2025 from curren­t 6%

August 31, 2019

PM Imran to seek Road-to-Makkah facility for all Pakistani pilgrims

Orders aide to forwar­d propos­als within a month for their finali­sation­

August 30, 2019

PTI govt takes steps to check prices of edible items

PM Imran says propos­al to provid­e ration under Ehsaas Progra­mme under consid­eratio­n

August 29, 2019