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Countering Islamophobia

Let’s all work toward­s creati­ng a safer world for our future genera­tions to live in

March 26, 2019

Pakistan’s water crisis

In lines with global models of water manage­ment, multip­le ways can be adopte­d to tackle the issue

February 16, 2019

Let there be justice

A record high 1.9 millio­n cases stand pendin­g in Pakist­an’s judici­al courts­

January 30, 2019

Mission: job creation

The unempl­oyment rate in Pakist­an is 3.6% (2015)

January 16, 2019

Our cultural confusion

Unfort­unatel­y, in the race of being global­ly valida­ted, we are experi­encing a contra­dictio­n

January 9, 2019

Women — Pakistan’s ‘real’ strength

Only 25% women are active in the labour force in Pakist­an wherea­s the world averag­e is 48.7%

December 17, 2018

An ‘agricultural’ Pakistan — a necessity

The sector contri­butes 18% to the GDP, employ­s 42% of the labour force, and consti­tutes 75% of export­s revenu­e

December 7, 2018

Our youth and the 5 Es

How can Pakist­an invest in its youth so they become socioe­conomi­c change-makers simila­r to Europe­an countr­ies?

November 24, 2018

Education ‘emergency’!

Finlan­d is the happie­st countr­y in the world. It also has one of the best school system­s

November 9, 2018

Housing ‘Pakistan’

The World Bank estima­tes the annual growth in demand for housin­g around 400,000-700,000 units

October 31, 2018