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  • Musharraf’s vain rhetoric

    Musharraf's party manifesto promises the same things that virtually every party incorporates but never performs. So why vote APML?

  • A sport for gentlemen no more...

    Cricket is known as a gentleman's game but sadly, there is nothing gentlemanly about it any more. After doping and ball tampering - comes this.

  • What not to do when disaster strikes

    Interior minister Rahman Malik acted in a highly unprofessional manner by raising the hopes of people and claiming there were survivors.

  • Our culture of intolerance

    It is easy to blame others for misunderstanding us but we need to dissect our own shortcomings which are responsible for the growing intolerance and fanaticism.

  • Laughing it up with Bin Laden

    In his debut dark comedy 'Tere Bin Laden' Abhishek Sharma embraces the 'wag the dog' idea of what can go wrong when spin goes out of control.

  • The great Burqa debate

    The recent ban on the face covering veil should be worrying only if it triggers a series of bans. As long as Muslims are allowed to maintain mosques and practice and preach religion and women are allowed to use headscarf with faces open, their case, if they take it to the Europeans Court of Human Rights, would not have strong grounds. The ban reminds me of an incident in the Peshawar High Court where Chief Justice, Tariq Pervaiz, ordered female lawyers not to wear veil in the courtroom. He reasoned that female lawyers could neither be identified nor perform their duties properly

  • The mockery of education

    How can these feudal lords ever let their subjects seek education without being threatened by their enlightenment? Unfortunately, Pakistan’s political arena has become a great circus with the political elite making a mockery of the educational system and ethics.

  • More is less when it comes to Faiz

    It was really late in life when I started reading and appreciating poetry beyond text books. Like a typical teenager I started off by reading Wasi Shah – kash main tere haseen haath ka kangan hota – fame. There was no looking back and I began delving deep into the ocean of poetry and realized how much I had missed.

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