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  • Colonial ‘chai’ and capitalist ‘coke’

    Chai is a colonial symbol as much as coke is a capitalist one. If one beverage carried with it the plasticity of commercialism; the other bore the bourgeois refinement of elitism.

  • Dum Ghutku - a class of its own

    As a silent rule of thumb in Pakistan, the uber-elite seldom interact with people belonging to rural backgrounds. Coke Studio has proven an exception to this rule, for here it is the mascots of the masses- the Arif Lohar, the Saeen Zahoor, the Abida Parveen stand as titans towering over us jeans-wearing, English speaking, educated elite.

  • Left-wing zealots

    We will stop at nothing to act the self-proclaimed gatekeepers of Islam. Our greatest tragedy is the fact that Pakistani society has been polarized to the point where anyone advocating on the side of reason, is labelled a left-wing zealot, a westernized drone and ironically, an extremist.

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