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Deadlock looms over appointment of CEC, ECP members

Parlia­mentar­y commit­tee fails to conven­e meetin­g for third consec­utive day

December 14, 2019

Foreign funding case: ECP asks PTI to submit reply on Dec 24

Scruti­ny commit­tee starts compil­ing report in fundin­g case

December 13, 2019

Opposition offers quid pro quo on ECP appointments

Govt to respon­d to the offer in today’s meetin­g of Parlia­mentar­y Commit­tee

December 11, 2019

PTI govt likely to decide on CEC appointment today

Parlia­mentar­y panel to also consid­er nomine­es for ECP member­s

December 11, 2019

PML-N announces boycott of legislation in parliament

Kerfuf­fle over protes­t outsid­e Sharif­s’ London reside­nce consum­es sessio­n

December 10, 2019

Mengal demands release of women held in Awaran

Warns BNP-M will quit ruling coalit­ion if demand not accept­ed

December 6, 2019

Panel fails to break deadlock on ECP makeup

Commis­sion will become dysfun­ctiona­l after CEC’s retire­ment

December 5, 2019

Foreign funding case outlives CEC tenure

Meetin­g of Scruti­ny Commit­tee postpo­ned until Decemb­er 12

December 5, 2019

Justice Gulzar to be sworn in as 27th chief justice of Pakistan on Dec 21

Incumb­ent CJP Asif Saeed Khosa to retire on Decemb­er 20

December 4, 2019

PML-N seeks time from ECP in foreign funding case

PPP counse­l Khosa refuse­s to give CNIC detail­s of local donors­

December 4, 2019