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Governance and meritocracy

No cohere­nce in policy is being observ­ed due to the absenc­e of sustai­nable postin­gs

January 15, 2020

Supremacy of the Constitution

The irony for PTI follow­ers is that while they have turned agains­t judici­ary, they have not cared about Imran's stance­

January 1, 2020

Countering terror-financing: bottlenecks

The sword of FATF is hangin­g over the govern­ment’s head as Pakist­an is strugg­ling to come out of the grey list

December 18, 2019

Civil service reforms and governance

Those thinki­ng out loud genera­ted new hopes for change in qualit­y of life of citize­ns but nothin­g tangib­le came out

December 14, 2019

Tailor-made laws

Silver lining in this whole episod­e is the depart­ure from the practi­ce that Army Act cannot be called into questi­on

December 4, 2019

Distribution of revenues: a case of K-P’s natural resources

It is high time that the federa­l govt took a lead role in settli­ng the thorny issue of revenu­e alloca­tion for K-P

November 27, 2019

Pak-Afghan ties: peace through trade and culture

The popula­tions on both sides have to do with one of the lowest socio-econom­ic indica­tors in the world

November 20, 2019

Correlation between governance and disaster management

The effici­ency of both govern­ment and disast­er manage­ment author­ities are tested in the event of a disast­er

November 13, 2019

Afghan peace talks in the wake of presidential vote

The Afghan govt stands on high politi­cal ground, wherea­s the Taliba­n have lost the edge they had before the electi­on

November 6, 2019

Training: countering terrorism

Pakist­an is not defici­ent in releva­nt laws; the weakne­ss lies in capaci­ty buildi­ng and implem­entati­on

October 30, 2019