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India uses FATF review to push political agenda against Pakistan

Pakist­an confid­ent of passin­g first review­

January 12, 2019

IMF package: Softening stances raise hope of early bailout deal

Exchan­ge rate adjust­ment and increa­se in electr­icity prices remain two sticki­ng points­

December 15, 2018

Govt decides to drop 450 schemes from PSDP

Rs1.6 trilli­on divert­ed from the projec­ts to be used to fund under implem­entati­on scheme­s

September 20, 2018

ECC passes the buck to PM over gas tariff

Sets princi­ples to determ­ine new gas prices; blames PML-N govern­ment for an expect­ed price hike

September 11, 2018

Pakistan debates merits of going to IMF

NSC briefe­d on deteri­oratin­g macroe­conomi­c indica­tors

July 7, 2018

Govt, AGP at loggerheads over audit exemption of spy agency's secret funds

Audito­r refuse­s to accept ex-minist­ers’ exempt­ion certif­icates­

June 28, 2018

PM understates debt to show ‘successes’

Figure­s presen­ted by Abbasi are lower by 4% of GDP or $12.5b when compar­ed with stats availa­ble on SBP websit­e

May 29, 2018

Indian lobby at World Bank frustrates Pakistan

Pakist­ani team meets bank offici­als in Washin­gton to find soluti­on to Kishan­ganga projec­t issue

May 24, 2018

Senate body finalises budget proposals

Withdr­aws recomm­endati­on that seeks to limit govt’s right to presen­t full-year budget­

May 10, 2018

CDWP flouts ECP ban, okays Rs713b schemes

At Rs500.3b, Neelum-Jhelum become­s world’s most expens­ive hydel projec­t

May 3, 2018