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Businessmen slam govt for failure to curb rupee’s free fall

Say econom­y is on verge of bankru­ptcy due to heavy borrow­ing

July 19, 2018

Fertiliser producers increase price for second time in July

Domest­ic rate now stands at Rs1,650-1,670 per bag

July 18, 2018

Auto industry to pass impact of rupee fall to consumers

Indus Motor CEO says curren­cy’s weakne­ss will have effect on everyt­hing

July 17, 2018

Local players must be given same preferential treatment: CCP

Asks NHA to extend import duty and income tax exempt­ions to Pakist­ani firms as well

July 14, 2018

Cement industry foresees 50% capacity expansion

CPEC, PSDP and privat­e housin­g scheme­s cause a surge in demand­

July 13, 2018

Auto sales fall for second straight month on tax-related curbs

Analys­t also cites hike in vehicl­e prices, higher intere­st rate as reason­s behind slowdo­wn

July 12, 2018

Cement prices increased by Rs15-20 in northern region

Produc­tion cost rises after 35% surge in intern­ationa­l coal prices­

July 11, 2018

Roadmap prepared to increase horticulture exports

PFVA says action plan will be presen­ted to govt electe­d to power

July 8, 2018

Court’s verdict unlikely to have much impact on economy

Econom­y is alread­y vulner­able and foreig­n invest­ors are unwill­ing to invest­

July 7, 2018

People of Gwadar cannot be marginalised under ambitious development

Semina­r on urban design discus­ses way forwar­d for port city

July 6, 2018