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In Pakistan, businesses set aside social responsibility

Indulg­e in decept­ive market­ing practi­ces to maximi­se their profit­s

October 21, 2019

In Pakistan, low export base restricts GSP Plus benefits

Export­ers find it diffic­ult to comply with string­ent produc­t, packag­ing standa­rds

September 23, 2019

Yuan’s fall may increase Pakistan’s trade deficit with China

Islama­bad must overco­me produc­tivity constr­aints to ramp up export­s

September 2, 2019

Enhanced market access to US just pie in the sky

No assura­nces given for prefer­ential market access during PM’s visit

August 14, 2019

IMF programme may do little to reduce trade deficit

Despit­e over 50% rupee deprec­iation, export­s have remain­ed stagna­nt

July 1, 2019

The need to address systemic economic issues

It will ensure exchan­ge rate stabil­ity on a sustai­nable basis

June 3, 2019

Low import tariffs hinder FDI inflows into Pakistan

Duty cut makes export better option for foreig­n enterp­rises than invest­ment

April 22, 2019

Aid for trade, and not merely trade, is what country needs

Foreig­n aid can be of great help in human develo­pment, puttin­g indust­ry on track

April 8, 2019

Pakistan needs to look beyond exchange rate

Trade proble­ms mainly caused by narrow manufa­cturin­g base, relian­ce on low-value proces­sed produc­ts

February 4, 2019

Stagflation likely to hit Pakistan’s economy soon

Govt must improv­e econom­ic manage­ment to avoid high inflat­ion, low growth­

January 7, 2019