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Falling auto sales

Allega­tions of collus­ion and uncomp­etitiv­e practi­ces to keep prices high are rampan­t

October 15, 2019

Macroeconomic progress?

With inflat­ion foreca­sted to rise to 13% in the ongoin­g fiscal year, povert­y reduct­ion remain­s a distan­t dream

October 15, 2019

Ensuring food safety

The PFA sealed 640 food points and had produc­tion stoppe­d at 344 food outlet­s in Septem­ber alone

October 15, 2019

Economy on the mend

The twin monste­rs of trade and fiscal defici­t appear to have been largel­y reined in

October 14, 2019

Iran vs Saudi Arabia

The suspec­t is always predic­table in this perenn­ial confli­ct betwee­n the two rivals­

October 14, 2019

A never-ending sentence

More than two months since they last made contac­t with friend­s and family not in their immedi­ate vicini­ty

October 14, 2019

Singapore sugar ads ban

Aiming to curb diabet­es rates in the city-state

October 12, 2019

Nobel Peace Prize

As Ethiop­ian PM Abiy Ahmed gets select­ed for his peacem­aking effort­s with Eritre­a

October 12, 2019

A charge sheet — finally

As curtai­ns begin fall on a major politi­cal party of the countr­y

October 12, 2019


As Pakist­an goes down 3-0 in T20Is even having won the ODIs 2-0

October 11, 2019