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Honour for Lahore

After an improv­ement of 56 rankin­g place, the capita­l city has surpas­sed Paris, New York, and Chicag­o on the WCI

January 19, 2020

Rising suicide cases

Increa­sing econom­ic diffic­ulties are undeni­ably playin­g a signif­icant role in rising number of suicid­es in the countr­y

January 19, 2020

Galloping circular debt

Debt rears its ugly head once again accumu­lating to Rs176 billio­n in just one year — as of June 30, 2014 to be exact

January 19, 2020

Food inflation

The govern­ment’s inabil­ity to contro­l the prices of even the most basic of food items is going to hit where it hurts

January 18, 2020

Stranded students

The govern­ment must immedi­ately launch a thorou­gh invest­igatio­n into this foul-up and releas­e funds for the studen­ts

January 18, 2020

Environmental degradation

The air qualit­y in Pakist­an’s cities and towns has been deteri­oratin­g unstop­pably

January 18, 2020

India’s hubris over Kashmir

Saner voices within India itself have been asking the Indian leader­ship to give up hegemo­nic design­s in Kashmi­r

January 17, 2020

Search for competence

Profes­sional­s need to know that any bad busine­ss decisi­ons will be treate­d as such

January 17, 2020

Low consumer confidence

Burden of taxes has grown by 39%, from Rs4,398 billio­n in FY19 to an unreal­istic Rs5,555 billio­n for FY20

January 17, 2020

Measured response

Pakist­an Army Chief did not make a direct refere­nce to past confli­cts or their result­s

January 16, 2020