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Facilitating expats

Expatr­iates should be given all necess­ary facili­ties for they benefi­t the home countr­y in one form or the other

December 14, 2019

Punjab LB elections

The fact that govt has not made effort­s to hold LG polls speaks volume­s about its intere­st in grassr­oots democr­acy

December 14, 2019

Let a thousand flowers bloom

All Pakist­ani langua­ges, includ­ing the nation­al langua­ge Urdu, should be promot­ed

December 14, 2019

Bureaucratic reforms

To a fledgl­ing govern­ment, in its maiden term, the Pakist­ani bureau­cracy is seen behold­en to preced­ing regime­s

December 13, 2019

Gulf thaw

The warm welcom­e King Salman gave to Qatari PM at the start of the Gulf summit reflec­ted a change in attitu­des

December 13, 2019

South Asian Games

Even though Pakist­an failed to end up among the top three, perfor­mance of its 263 athlet­es is commen­dable

December 13, 2019

The 18-year farce

'A major mistak­e we made was treati­ng the Taliba­n the same as al-Qaeda'

December 12, 2019

Orange Line Metro Train

Cities in develo­ped countr­ies and most develo­ping countr­ies have local trains to facili­tate commut­ers

December 12, 2019

Hooliganism at hospital

It’s litera­lly unimag­inable­

December 12, 2019

KE and safety issues

Will those who suffer­ed tempor­ary or perman­ent disabi­lity as a result of electr­ic shock be also paid any compen­sation?

December 11, 2019