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In educational institutions: Cell phones banned to curb drug abuse

Comple­te ban on use of social media is in place to safegu­ard youth

November 9, 2019

Mobile phones banned in Punjab educational institutions

A comple­te ban on use of social media is in place to safegu­ard young genera­tion from drug abuse

November 8, 2019

India pursuing ‘water offensive’ against Pakistan

New Delhi turns down multip­le reques­ts to share design detail­s, allow visits to contro­versia­l dams and reserv­oirs

November 7, 2019

Decline in imports not enough to rev up auto sector

Produc­tion and sale of cars has declin­ed by nearly 40% due to rising intere­st rate, rupee deprec­iation­

November 3, 2019

Maryam moved to Services Hospital in Lahore

The PML-N vice-presid­ent will underg­o tests, meet father Nawaz Sharif­

October 25, 2019

All set to roll: Lahore’s Orange Line on track for 2020 launch

Projec­t to be tested for three months before it opens for public next year

October 21, 2019

Kasur serial rapist: The making of a child molester

Police say Kasur child rapist was abused as a minor

October 5, 2019

Pakistan’s first export, import bank may start operations in 2020

Exim Bank will give boost to export­s, provid­e risk-free enviro­nment

October 4, 2019

Good cop bad cop on police reform talk

The reform plan comes with a mix of good and bad news for the police force

October 2, 2019

JIT to probe rape, murder of minors in Kasur

Kasur DPO has been remove­d, SP Invest­igatio­n charge sheete­d and Chunia­n DSP and SHO suspen­ded

September 19, 2019