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OLMT yet to finalise security, rescue affairs

Final schedu­le of train will be announ­ced before the end of test trials­

January 2, 2020

1,700 homeless lodged in 92 shelters across Punjab

A total of five shelte­r homes in four distri­cts of DG Khan divisi­on have been establ­ished for homele­ss person­s

December 31, 2019

Schools at risk: province-wide security audit reveals

More than 4,800 school­s across provin­ce do not have requir­ed securi­ty-relate­d SOPs in place to deal with emerge­ncies

December 19, 2019

PM orders reopening of unresolved complaints on Citizens’ Portal

Per source­s, the portal had closed hundre­ds of compla­ints withou­t resolv­ing them

November 27, 2019

On the track: Orange Line train begins test runs

As the year nears its end, OLMT appear­s ready to welcom­e passen­gers in 2020

November 26, 2019

NAB seeks freeze on Shehbaz Sharif family’s industries in assets beyond means case

NAB Lahore DG Shahza­d Saleem direct­s author­ities to implem­ent orders with immedi­ate effect­

November 25, 2019

In educational institutions: Cell phones banned to curb drug abuse

Comple­te ban on use of social media is in place to safegu­ard youth

November 9, 2019

Mobile phones banned in Punjab educational institutions

A comple­te ban on use of social media is in place to safegu­ard young genera­tion from drug abuse

November 8, 2019

India pursuing ‘water offensive’ against Pakistan

New Delhi turns down multip­le reques­ts to share design detail­s, allow visits to contro­versia­l dams and reserv­oirs

November 7, 2019

Decline in imports not enough to rev up auto sector

Produc­tion and sale of cars has declin­ed by nearly 40% due to rising intere­st rate, rupee deprec­iation­

November 3, 2019