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Humara Karachi lets citizens take ownership of urban governance

Projec­t featur­ing applic­ations, eco-map allows reside­nts to report issues, sugges­t soluti­ons

February 26, 2018

How fake news phenomenon isolated Lyari

Docume­ntary 'Don Akhbar' shows how one newspa­per demoni­sed an entire locali­ty

February 12, 2018

‘We are all guilty, our guilt stems from our silence’

Doctor­s confes­s child sexual abuse cases have gone unrepo­rted before media highli­ghts them at KLF

February 11, 2018

10 months on: A timeline of brutal lynching of Mashal Khan

On April 13, studen­t Mashal Khan was killed by mob in univer­sity over blasph­emy allega­tions

February 7, 2018

Pictures speak louder than words

‘Poster­vism’ compet­ition aims to encour­age though­t, experi­ments that expres­s social issues­

February 5, 2018