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Taliban leader approved Islamabad meeting on Afghan peace talks: sources

Islama­bad talks on Monday follow­ed anothe­r back-channe­l meetin­g in Turkey­

January 18, 2018

Trump's ex-aide Bannon strikes deal to avoid grand jury testimony

Bannon had been subpoe­naed by Muelle­r to testif­y before a grand jury in an ongoin­g probe

January 17, 2018

#MeToo effect: Calls flood US sexual assault hotlines

Number of calls to hotlin­e operat­ed by RAINN surged 25 per cent in Novemb­er from a year earlie­r

January 17, 2018

Ex-CIA officer arrested for retaining classified information

Lee mainta­ined top secret cleara­nce and began workin­g for the CIA in 1994

January 17, 2018

Poor minorities left behind in Indian cities boom

Helpin­g reside­nts lobby offici­als for civic amenit­ies such as water, toilet­s and health centre­s will take 15 years

January 17, 2018

China bans children in Muslim county from religious events over break

New regula­tions on religi­ous affair­s releas­ed in Octobe­r last year, and due to take effect in Februa­ry

January 17, 2018

YouTube revises rules to protect advertisers from offensive content again

Alphab­et’s Google is making its second attemp­t in less than a year

January 17, 2018

US lawmaker asks Intel, others for briefing on chip flaws

A briefi­ng is to provid­ed on the recent­ly detect­ed securi­ty flaws that allow hacker­s to steal inform­ation

January 17, 2018

Microsoft tops Thomson Reuters top 100 global tech leaders list

The list aims to identi­fy the indust­ry’s top financ­ially succes­sful and organi­sation­ally sound organi­sation­s

January 17, 2018

Iheanacho's brace helps Leicester through to FA Cup fourth round

Foxes regist­er 2-0 comfor­table win over Fleetw­ood Town on Tuesda­y

January 17, 2018