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UN urges Saudi-led coalition to speed Yemen imports, avoid starvation

United Nation­s says more than 22 millio­n people need humani­tarian assist­ance in Yemen

May 26, 2018

Harvey Weinstein expected to surrender himself on assault charges

Weinst­ein’s spokes­person Juda Engelm­ayer and lawyer Benjam­in Brafma­n declin­ed to commen­t

May 25, 2018

Criminals stole $1.2b in cryptocurrency since 2017

The estima­tes were part of the non-profit group’s resear­ch on crypto­curren­cy and includ­e report­ed and unrepo­rted theft

May 25, 2018

At least 15 injured in Canada restaurant bombing

Two male suspec­ts explod­ed an IED at an Indian restau­rant

May 25, 2018

Facebook launches searchable archive of US political ads

The archiv­e tool will also be rolled out to other countr­ies in coming months­

May 25, 2018

Oregon family finds Amazon's Alexa has a mind of her own

String of events made Alexa send an audio record­ing of the family to one of their contac­ts random­ly

May 25, 2018

US launches criminal probe into bitcoin price manipulation

Federa­l prosec­utors are workin­g with the Commod­ity Future­s Tradin­g Commis­sion

May 25, 2018

Pope tells bishops not to accept gay seminarians: report

Pope Benedi­ct wrote in 2005 that homose­xualit­y was a strong tenden­cy ordere­d toward an intrin­sic moral evil.

May 25, 2018

Google tries to ease tensions on eve of new EU privacy law

Organi­sation­s must have transp­arent justif­icatio­n for proces­sing person­al data

May 25, 2018

Apple blocks Steam's plan to extend its video games to iPhones

The compan­y is seriou­s about protec­ting its abilit­y to take a cut of digita­l purcha­ses made on its mobile device­s

May 25, 2018