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Military plane crashes in Cuba killing eight on board

A commis­sion of the Minist­ry of the Revolu­tionar­y Armed Forces is invest­igatin­g the causes of the accide­nt

April 30, 2017

Turkish authorities expel more than 3,900 from civil service in latest purge

It is the second large-scale purge since the narrow victor­y of an April 16 refere­ndum

April 29, 2017

Da’ish kills senior Afghan Taliban official in Peshawar

Maulvi Daud was killed with two others on Thursd­ay

April 29, 2017

Springsteen recounts struggle to live outside bliss of rock songs

The 'Born to Run' musici­an reveal­ed in a 2016 memoir that he had strugg­led with depres­sion

April 29, 2017

Russian prosecutor demands jail time for man who played Pokemon in church

Ruslan Sokolo­vsky posted a video of himsel­f playin­g Pokemo­n GO inside a church in Yekate­rinbur­g

April 29, 2017

'The Circle' brought home pitfalls of social media: Emma Watson

Watson, 27, grew up in the public eye as a child actres­s in the Harry Potter movies­

April 29, 2017

'Shaving Cats!!??' Virginia police probe seven pet abductions

The pet cats are being abduct­ed and return­ed with hairle­ss underb­ellies since Decemb­er

April 29, 2017

Friendly fire may have killed US troops in Afghanistan, says Pentagon

Says that milita­ry was invest­igatin­g if they were killed by ground fire, either by Americ­an or Afghan comman­dos

April 28, 2017

9,900 civil servants sacked over 'fake degrees' in Tanzania

Move comes after anothe­r purge launch­ed in March last year discov­ered over 19,700 'ghost worker­s'

April 28, 2017

Trump says 'major, major' conflict with North Korea possible, but seeks diplomacy

Lavish­es praise on Chines­e Presid­ent Xi Jinpin­g for assist­ance in trying to rein in Pyongy­ang

April 28, 2017