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'PPP to adopt aggressive stance'

Hasan Murtaz­a says PPP may start a mass contac­t drive

December 19, 2018

PML-N indecisive over planned convention to mark foundation day

Former Interi­or minist­er Ahsan Iqbal says planni­ng of the event is underw­ay

December 17, 2018

Shehbaz blasts 'NAB-Niazi' nexus

PML-N demand­s produc­tion order for Saad Rafiqu­e

December 13, 2018

PPP, PMLN join hands ahead of PP-168 by-election

PML-N leader Khawaj­a Saad Rafiqu­e says NAB is taking reveng­eful action­s

December 10, 2018

PML-N stance on PAC unchanged

PPP source­s say Ayaz Sadiq on cards for chairm­anship­

December 10, 2018

PML-N to hold session of parliamentary party

Marriy­um says govt abusin­g power for sake of vendet­ta

December 7, 2018

Nawaz likely to make political return on PML-N foundation day

Party to hold event on Decemb­er 30

December 6, 2018

Imran’s boast about army backing rankles PPP

Kaira wants army to clarif­y stance; says armies stand by govt decisi­ons, not one party

December 5, 2018

PML-N to commemorate parent party on December 30

Conven­tion likely to mark Nawaz, Maryam’s return to politi­cs

December 3, 2018

PML-N to up the ante against government

Party spokes­person warns, “100 lies are coming as PTI’s 100 days end”

November 26, 2018