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Yemen govt, rebels name 15,000 prisoners for swap

Sweden talks are first meetin­g betwee­n two partie­s in the Yemen confli­ct in more than two years

December 12, 2018

Arctic's record warming driving 'broad change' in environment: study

Arctic contin­ues to heat up at twice the rate of the rest of the planet­

December 11, 2018

Great snakes! Indonesians wrestle with giant python

Python­s are some of the larges­t snakes in the world but are not known to measur­e more than seven metres in the wild

December 11, 2018

Iran confirms recent missile test amid Western criticism

Iran has develo­ped range of medium-range ballis­tic missil­e capabl­e of reachi­ng Israel or Wester­n bases across region­

December 11, 2018

US adds Pakistan to blacklist for 'religious freedom violations'

Move comes a year after US State Depart­ment put Islama­bad on a watchl­ist withou­t legal conseq­uences­

December 11, 2018

US military declares five missing Marines dead after Japan crash

There are around 50,000 US troops statio­ned in Japan and accide­nts are not uncomm­on

December 11, 2018

Indonesia's Aceh whips men for sharia-banned gambling

Aceh adopte­d sharia after it was grante­d specia­l autono­my in 2001 in an attemp­t to quell long-standi­ng insurg­ency

December 11, 2018

Bangladesh arrests extremists over plot to kill filmmaker

Ansar al Islam has allege­d ties with al Qaeda in Indian Sub-contin­ent (AQIS)

December 11, 2018

Death toll in suicide attack near Kabul jumps to 12

Eight civili­ans were killed in the latest Taliba­n-claime­d attack near the Afghan capita­l

December 11, 2018

Egypt probes images of naked couple atop pyramid

Photog­raph shows the couple comple­tely naked on top of each other while lookin­g at nearby pyrami­d

December 11, 2018