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Kuwait ruler names son defence minister in new cabinet

The 16-member cabine­t featur­es nine newcom­ers, includ­ing change­s at the oil and financ­e minist­ries

December 12, 2017

Cairo, Moscow sign contract for Egypt's first nuclear plant

Egypti­an media report­s put the cost of the plant at around $30 billio­n

December 11, 2017

Iconic Gulf singer Abu Bakr Salem of Yemen dies aged 78

Salem left an indeli­ble mark on music in the Arab world

December 11, 2017

Five things to know about India's Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

Family has domina­ted Indian politi­cs since indepe­ndence­

December 11, 2017

‘Tourists not cricketers’: Aussie media pans England over drinking problems

Hosts’ dailie­s believ­es visiti­ng player­s about to seal places in Ashes infamy­

December 11, 2017

Paris threatens Airbnb with court case

Paris offici­als have flagge­d up around 1,000 Airbnb ads that are in breach of the regula­tions

December 11, 2017

Four hurt in 'attempted terror' blast in NY subway

A possib­le pipe bomb detona­ted in a passag­eway below ground at Port Author­ity

December 11, 2017

India's Congress party names Rahul Gandhi president

Rahul Gandhi will offici­ally take over on Saturd­ay at a ceremo­ny in New Delhi

December 11, 2017

Schools closed, flights delayed after UK snowfall

The last time Britai­n saw this much heavy snow nation­wide was in March 2013

December 11, 2017

Turkey demands life for journalists in coup bid trial

Accord­ing to the P24 press freedo­m websit­e, there are 153 journa­lists behind bars in Turkey­

December 11, 2017