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The unwinnable trade wars

The trade war betwee­n the two giants would trigge­r a slowin­g down of econom­ic activi­ty worldw­ide

April 9, 2018

The incalculable cost of terror

It has been a war of surviv­al and Pakist­an will be seen on the right side of histor­y as it is chroni­cled

March 25, 2018

Some tinkering is in order

Foul play during the electi­on has tarnis­hed the upper house’s status as a watchd­og

March 14, 2018

The Pak-India imbroglio

The politi­cal landsc­ape of the region has vastly change­d since the war on terror began in 2001

February 17, 2018

Roulette with the law

The patien­ce of the superi­or judici­ary seems to have run out

February 10, 2018

No country for the naïve!

The ill-though­t out statem­ents have actual­ly create­d a wedge betwee­n the partie­s

January 22, 2018

Pakistan, India and Churchill’s Crocodile

The appreh­ension of Kulbhu­shan Jadhav is a great succes­s for Pakist­ani counte­r-intell­igence appara­tus

December 30, 2017

Without a paddle

There is a clash of instit­utions on the intern­al front, politi­cal uncert­ainty and visibl­e paraly­sis in govern­ance

December 23, 2017

Pak-US relations: A glimmer of hope

Brash US diplom­acy agains­t Pakist­an seems a façade for its vulner­abilit­y and failur­es in Afghan­istan

December 9, 2017

Efficacy of the IMCTC

The term ‘terror­ism’ needs a curt defini­tion since it means differ­ent things for differ­ent partic­ipatin­g nation­s

December 5, 2017