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Energy sector: setting the directions right

As the new govern­ment assume­s power, energy crisis is one of the bigges­t challe­nges facing Pakist­an

August 16, 2018

Energy sector audit by caretakers

Pakist­an’s energy crisis stands tall to see off yet anothe­r govern­ment

June 13, 2018

Energy sector audit

Indica­tors beg to sugges­t that the energy sector is in a dreadf­ul shape

May 5, 2018

Incapacitation in the energy sector

Pakist­an’s energy proble­ms cannot subsid­e withou­t foster­ing an across-the-board cultur­e of commit­ment and integr­ity,

November 26, 2017

Energy security in Pakistan

Pakist­an has been in the throes of a severe energy crisis for a decade now

October 13, 2017