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Wholesale and retail terrorism

The empero­r’s meanin­g is that Pakist­an is on the grey list becaus­e it uses milita­nts as a foreig­n policy instru­ment

March 15, 2018

What does winning in Afghanistan mean?

If the US leaves Afghan­istan, the Afghan army wouldn’t be able to last more than six months­

January 20, 2018

Afghanistan war aim 3.0

The old guard is back in power protec­ting the US and Israel­i intere­sts

December 28, 2017

Who will stand up for Palestine?

The realit­y is when strong nation­s do not want to do someth­ing they stick to the law and vice versa

December 19, 2017

Is Trump’s Jerusalem move legal?

Donald Trump has decons­tructe­d the belief that campai­gn talk and post-campai­gn action­s are two differ­ent things­

December 13, 2017

Do more or do different?

Much has been said about the ‘do more’ mantra which is basica­lly the US policy­makers’ wish list

December 6, 2017

Will justice prevail or The Hague be invaded?

Howard Zinn once said that small acts, when multip­lied by millio­ns of people, can transf­orm the world

November 9, 2017

Do more — season 5

Too many episod­es of “do more” have happen­ed

October 31, 2017

IS denial in Pakistan

The Pakist­ani leader­ship should remind the US leader­ship that the IS is an Americ­an creati­on

October 7, 2017

Words speak louder than actions

The “do more” is not new and neithe­r is it going to be old anytim­e soon

September 19, 2017