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Invading Iraq haunts today

Iraq War not only affect­ed the Afghan war but is also affect­ing the Americ­an withdr­awal from that war-torn countr­y

August 16, 2018

How far would I go?

The losing partie­s have labell­ed the electi­on as rigged by their favour­ite villai­ns called the ‘khalai makhlo­oq’

August 9, 2018

Western media’s bellyache with Imran Khan’s rise

Pakist­an is descri­bed in a grim manner as an 'Islami­c Republ­ic with nuclea­r weapon­s'

August 2, 2018

ICC in Palestine

Scale of the Israel­i crimes in Palest­ine can be judged merely by the number of Palest­inians killed and displa­ced

July 26, 2018

Pakistani liberals — closest hypocrites

Libera­lism in differ­ent times and differ­ent countr­ies has meant differ­ent things­

July 19, 2018

Citizenship is a lie

In 2001, Pakist­an had strong­ly advise­d the Americ­ans to negoti­ate with the Taliba­n instea­d of attack­ing

July 12, 2018

Which party do Pakistani Americans prefer and why?

In the wake of Trump’s rise as a candid­ate and as presid­ent, immigr­ant commun­ities are agains­t the Republ­ican Party

July 5, 2018

IK should see Lagaan

The ‘electa­bles’ may make victor­y at the ballot smooth but they ensure defeat­ing the party’s manife­sto

June 30, 2018

Trump-Kim summit — laugh well tonight

'Both are renown­ed lunati­cs, though one is a tad more than the other'

June 23, 2018

Hope and despair

Afghan blast, rising fuel prices in Pakist­an invoke­s despai­r

June 14, 2018