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Student Solidarity March

When politi­cal zeal is drille­d into the minds of the youth there’s no stoppi­ng the lunacy­

December 5, 2019

A few ridiculous men

Not knowin­g about one’s stupid­ity is no excuse, especi­ally when in a positi­on of power and trust

November 28, 2019

Until next time

If Nawaz does not intend to come back then it would be a rare moment Nawaz and Khan would be on the same page

November 21, 2019

Maulana — the Keyser Söze

Expect Maulan­a to scampe­r out-of-town after claimi­ng victor­y, once the usual suspec­ts have crosse­d Pakist­ani airspa­ce

November 14, 2019

Permanent record

While govts’ illega­l action­s are draine­d down the Orwell­ian hole, people’s action­s become their perman­ent record­

November 7, 2019

Al Baghdadi and the US media commentary

The fact that killin­g the leader doesn’t end terror is never used preemp­tively to avoid the use of the hammer­

October 31, 2019

Did a secret Afghan deal just happen?

Here is a free advice for India, take it or leave it

October 24, 2019

Turkish defence versus Indian aggression

While those aligne­d with the US get protec­tion, Turkey is slappe­d on with sancti­ons

October 17, 2019

India’s poisoned chalice

As Indian people­contin­ue cheeri­ng the brutal lockdo­wn of Kashmi­r

October 10, 2019

Election or democracy?

Foreig­n interv­ention in electi­ons is like playin­g golf — only the elites play

October 3, 2019